Mobile Patrols

There are many benefits of having a mobile security patrol service in place; it acts as a deterrent to potential criminal activity or vandals, provides extra security and protection, and is cost-effective. 

Having mobile security patrols in place can deter any potential intruders on your premises or property. Using this service gives you regular security presence at your premises without the need of having a security presence for prolonged periods of time, making it a very affordable option. We will send one of our mobile patrol officers to your premises at random times to ensure everything is safe. We advise our clients that the patrols should be random so patterns can’t be formed which could be tracked by a potential intruder. 

We provide a mobile patrol service which is tailored to suit your business’s needs. We offer random security patrols 24/7 and create bespoke security packages to suit yours or your business’s security requirements.

Mobile security patrols are the most cost-effective method of having security presence on your premises.

Usually this service is provided for businesses that occupy large premises such as construction sites where you keep valuable machinery on site. By using this service, it can deter opportunist criminals, reduce theft and vandalism threats.


Our operatives will carry out a number of inspections such as: activating/deactivating alarm systems, checking doors, windows and gates are locked, and checking for any potential hazards such as fires or floods. We can switch on/off lights and/or machinery to act as a deterrent to potential intruders. 

We recommend that to be effective, the minimum number of mobile patrols you should consider having are two per evening, with a maximum of one every two hours but spread randomly. High-risk organisations may require extra presence but we will provide a full risk assessment to determine the correct amount of security presence you will need.  

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